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Why do I see 500 Error/Internal Server Error?

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Internal server error or 500 error is an error that you usually see when something is wrong with your website:

Bad/broken .htaccess configuration
If your .htaccess file contains a mistake, your website will show the Internal Server Error. Make sure your .htaccess is set up correctly, and your website should work fine again.

PHP error
Internal Server Errors can also appear when there's something wrong with your website's code. To see what's wrong take a look at your domain's error_log file, which you can find in your domain's root folder. It will show you all PHP errors. 

Broken website theme/plugin
This is common for WordPress websites. The Internal Server Error message is usually "Critical WordPress error". If your website shows a white page there's a good chance that your website is displaying a 500 error. Like with PHP errors, check the error_log file for more information. 
Additionally, you may wish to take a look at the How to enable debug mode in the WordPress article.

A pink/blue internal server error
If you happen to see a pink and blue internal server error that matches Priority Prospect's color scheme, then there's something wrong with the router, and it cannot process your request. If you see that page, please get in touch with our support ASAP.


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