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My domain shows 403 Forbidden, what to do?

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If you see a white 403 Forbidden error (with white background and black text) then it means that everything is fine with your domain, but you have to upload files to your domain's root directory. 

The 403 Forbidden error means that the web server does not allow your domain's visitor to see the contents of your domain's root directory. It's there to protect your files. To "fix" this error, upload your website's files or create an index.php or index.html file.


If you visit your domain and see a "blue" 403 Forbidden error then this means your request has been rejected by our WAF or firewall. In that case, create a support ticket and send us the "Request ID" you see on the error page. It's right under the error message in gray.


If you try to visit your IP address and see a blue 403 Forbidden error then that's because our system doesn't show your website when you visit your IP address. You can only access your website using your domain.

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