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How To Move Domain From One cPanel Server To Another?

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Transferring domains between cPanel servers is very simple. Here's how you can do that.


Method 1


1. Transfer website files


First, use the Softaculous remote import tool to transfer your website files to your new hosting account. Follow this tutorial from Softaculous:


When you wish to transfer websites between our hosting servers, please enter the cPanel hostname into the "Server Host (Optional)" field! It's important because our cloud IP addresses do not support FTP traffic!


2. Update the hosting account


Now that your website's files and database are transferred it's time to update the hosting account in our panel.


Go to your domain group where your domain is and click on the "Details" button.


In the "Hosting Account" section you will see the "Modify" button. Click on it and just choose the new hosting account.


Your website's traffic will be sent to that hosting account as soon as your domain is updated.


Method 2


The second method involves Softaculous again. Follow this tutorial on how to download and restore your backup to a new server by Softaculous:



Method 3


This method applies if you cannot use Softaculous or don't have Softaculous in your destination server.


1. Backup all files


Go to File Manager and find your domain's directory. Select all files and folders and click on the "Compress" button. It will create an archive of all of your selected files and folders.


2. Download the database


Next, go to phpMyAdmin find your database from the sidebar and click on it. This opens your database's detailed page in phpMyAdmin. Then click on the "Export" tab and click on the "Go" button. Download your database file.


3. Uploading files


Go to your new cPanel account and go to the File Manager. Find your domain's folder and navigate into it. Upload your archive and then click on it and click on the "Extract" button. It will extract all of your files from the uploaded archive. Don't forget to delete your archive after uploading!


4. Uploading the database


Create a new database, the database user, and add all required permissions to it. Then go to phpMyAdmin find your database in the sidebar and click on it. Then go to the "Import" tab and upload your database file. It will upload all tables and content from your database backup.


5. Updating details


Don't forget to update your installation's database credentials to the new database's credentials!


Method 4


You can always use a backup plugin on your website if you want to. Our recommended backup solution for Wordpress is "All-in-one Migration". It's a free plugin that you can use.





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