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How To Create And Use Software Presets?

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A software preset is a collection of different groups of plugins and themes. A software preset can be used during the domain setup process to automatically install plugins and themes to your website when using our shared hosting service.


Creating a software preset


You can create a software preset by clicking on the "Domains" menu item in the sidebar. Then go to one of your domain groups and click on the "Software Presets" tab. Please keep in mind that software presets are shared across all domain groups, and they are not exclusive to a specific domain group.


Click on the "Add Software Preset" button to create one.


Creating software preset groups


Creating a software preset group is very simple. Just click on the "View" button or the small + to open the preset view. Then click on the "Create Group" button.


A popup will appear where you set some values.


  • Name: the name of your software preset group. Use a descriptive name like "SEO plugins."
  • Type: the type of items in your software preset group. If you want to create a plugin list, choose "Plugins." If you wish to create a themes list, select "Themes." Please keep in mind that there can be only one group with the theme type.
  • Action: The action that the installer takes when software preset is being used. "Install random" means that a random item from the group will be installed. "Install all" means that all plugins will be installed. The "Install all" option is not available for themes.


Adding items


There are two types of items: themes and plugins. You can add plugins to plugins groups and themes to themes groups. Click on the "Add Plugins" or the "Add Themes" button to add them. A search form will appear where you can search items directly from Check items you wish to add and click on the "Add" button. You can also review the item - check out screenshots and item detail pages on


Using software presets


You can use software presets during the domain setup process. The "Software Preset" dropdown is available in the domain adding wizard. Once the preset is selected and the wizard is completed, the system will automatically use your preset to install the required plugins and theme after the software installation process.


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