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How do I set up an email forwarder?

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Adding an email forwarder is very easy.

In the dashboard, go to Domains, select the domain group, and find the domain where you wish to create an email forwarder. Click on "Actions", then select "Emails" in the  Domain Actions view.

You can see a list of associated email addresses. You can create regular email forwarders or catch-all email forwarders by just clicking "Add Email address".

To create a regular forwarder, enter the email address you wish to create and where you wish to forward it. That's it!

To create a catch-all forwarder, enter * where you normally type the email address and enter where you wish to forward it. A catch-all email will forward all incoming emails, no matter to which email address, to your forwarding address. That's a great way to capture old social media account emails (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).


Make sure you have set up MX records in your DNS zone that point to your IP address. The MX record is needed to receive emails. If your domain uses private nameservers, our system has already set up an MX record for you.

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