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Common Errors

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Here are our most common error messages that you may see when using our service:


Slow Down! You are sending too many requests, try again a bit later! - Our firewall has blocked you from sending too many requests at once. If you see this error, you will be temporarily blocked for 60 seconds. Wait 60 seconds and try to load the page again.

Forbidden! We cannot serve this page to you! - Our firewall has blocked you. This can happen when you have been rate-limited by our firewall, but you continue sending requests. It can also occur when you visit URLs or domains with firewall rules set up, and you are being blocked by those rules.

Domain Unavailable! This domain does not exist in this server! - Your domain points to the wrong IP address. Only the IP address can serve your website's content that was assigned to your domain. Make sure your domain's DNS records are set up correctly. Also, make sure your browser or your PC has not cached the old/invalid IP address.

Domain Unavailable! Looks like this domain has not been routed yet or is suspended. - You may see this error when your IP addresses have been suspended, or you just added this domain, and the route to your web server does not exist in our network configuration yet. Make sure you don't have suspended orders or wait up to 15 minutes and try again.


On every error page, you can see the "Request ID:  XXXXX." If you contact our support, make sure you include the request-id in your ticket so our engineers can quickly identify why you saw that error.

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