The 504 error - gateway timeout is an HTTP error that means the webserver did not respond on time, and the timeout was triggered.

I'm using a custom host.

When you are using a custom host with our service and see the 504 gateway timeout, something is wrong with your custom host. The reasons could include:

  • The server is offline
  • Your server is blocking our router IP addresses
  • Some scripts in your server take too much time to execute

Please review your website and server and ensure our router IP addresses are not being blocked.

I'm using Priority Prospect's shared hosting.

The 504 gateway timeout can happen with our shared hosting service as well for the same reasons like with a custom host. If the cPanel server is online and you can access cPanel then check your website. Almost always, the problem is with a long-running script that cannot finish processing before the timeout is triggered. 

For more information, please contact our support.