You can use our dashboard to install WordPress to your domains very easily with a simple click or you can choose custom installation as well.

Installing via dashboard:

Method 1:

Go to Domains -> Domain Groups -> Find your domain -> Click "Actions" -> In the domain overview, go to Software -> Install Software -> Choose WordPress.

Method 2:

You can install Wordpress to your domain automatically while adding domain to your domain group as well. You can refer to the following article:  How to add domains to my Domain Group ?

Installing via Softaculous:

If you prefer to install WordPress via Softaculous, log into your cPanel account for the domain. Navigate to Softaculous and click on  "Wordpress" from the software selection.

Installing via FTP:

You could also choose to install Wordpress manually by uploading files via FTP after downloading the package from You have to upload all files to your domain's directory and create a MySQL database and user via cPanel

For more information, please refer to WordPress installation guide: