If you need to share your IP addresses and domain groups with your clients or employees, then we have a simple way to do that.

First, ask the person to create a Priority Prospect account. Once that's done, you will need to request an invitation code from them. Invitation code can be found by clicking on "Account" > "Invitations" and click on "Get Invitation Code". 

Now that you have an invitation code. Select the company where you wish to add that person and click "Company" > "Users" and click on "Invite User". A window will open where you have to enter the invitation code that you received from the new user.

After the invitation is sent, the new user needs to go back to the Invitations page (Account > Invitations) or reload the invitations table and click on "Accept" to accept your request to join your company or "Revoke" to revoke the invitation.

After the invitation is successfully accepted, the new user can select the company from the top right corner of the dashboard and start working with your IP address and domain groups.

You can find all logs about all actions under your company's logs tab.