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This article will help you get started with our hosting service and explains the way our service works.


When you first get started with our service, it might look a bit complicated, but worry not, our service is simple. It has three distinctive parts. The first one is the PBN network, and the second is the hosting part, and the third is our PBN hosting dashboard.

1. PBN network

This is a specialized network layer that makes our service so unique and powerful. It routes website traffic from IP nodes to servers where websites live. It blocks bad bots, IP addresses, and suspicious visitors to protect your website and much much more. 

2. Hosting

This is where your websites live. There's nothing complicated about this part because it works exactly as every shared hosting service. You will use cPanel to manage your files, databases, and FTP accounts.

3. PBN hosting dashboard

This is where the magic happens. It ties the PBN network and hosting together under one dashboard. The PBN dashboard is a place where you spend 95% of your time, and almost everything is controlled by it. From there, you will add your domains, install software and SSL certificates, manage your emails and DNS zones.

Getting started

So, let's get started with your journey!

First, you will have to figure out how you wish to host your websites. You can use our hosting service, or you can use your own web server, which you manage by yourself. Please keep in mind that if you choose to host your websites, you will need to manage your server by yourself. Our support does not provide server management services for your web server.

Since most clients use our hosting service, let's use it as well.

Creating your network

Now it's time to create your network. A network is a group of domains that are hosted in one cPanel account.

Click on "IP Network" > "Add Network"

There you can see a form where you have to enter your network's name and cPanel username. Fill out all fields and click on "Create Network" to create your network.

If you wish to use your own web server, you will have to create a custom host first.

Click on "IP Network" > "Custom Hosts"

There you can add your web server. If you have created your network, go back to the "Add Network" page, check the "Use a custom host" checkbox and choose your web server from the dropdown.

Adding IP addresses

Now that you have a network set up, you need some IP addresses. Click on "Add IP Addresses" button in your network view, and an order form shows up.

Step 1: Choose the IP address type

You can choose between dedicated and shared IP addresses. As the name suggests, it will determine which IP addresses you will get. We always recommend dedicated IP addresses because you won't share them with anyone.

Step 2: Choose the IP subnet filter

You can choose which IP addresses you will get. You can choose between A, B, or C class IP addresses. Below is an example of how those IP addresses look like. Uniqueness is displayed with XXX:

A class: XXX.10.10.10

B class: 10.XXX.10.10

C class: 10.10.XXX.10

Step 3: Choose locations

This feature is especially powerful. It will allow you to target different countries and even cities. This means you can target specific markets based on your needs. In that form, you will have to choose the number of IP addresses you wish to order from each location. 

Step 4: Review and confirm your order

In this step, you will see what you order and how much it will cost you.

Once you have reviewed, confirmed, and paid your invoice, your IP addresses will be allocated to you as soon as we receive a confirmation from our payment processor. It usually happens within seconds, but it can take a minute or two.

Adding domains

Now that you have your IP addresses, our system has created a cPanel account for you, and you are ready to add your domains.

First, you have to choose an IP address from the dropdown you see in the domain adding form. Once that's done, enter your domain to the domain field. 

Please keep in mind that you can only insert a root domain, e.g., priorityprospect.com. Do not try to add a subdomain like www.priorityprospect.com.

Once the domain is entered, click on "Add a Domain" and our system will register your domain to your network and adds it to cPanel.

Updating your domain's DNS

Now that you have added your domain to your network, it doesn't mean that your website will start working. You must point your domain to the IP address to which you assigned your domain.

Please keep in mind that we don't provide pre-created nameservers because we consider them to be a footprint.

Click here to view the tutorial on how you can point your domain to our service.

Additional resources

Below you can find more tutorials on how to add subdomains, install the SSL certificate, adding email forwarders, etc.:

You can find many more articles from our knowledge base. If you can't find an answer to your question from our knowledge base, create a support ticket, or contact us via live chat, and our support team will help you out.