If your domain's status shows "Attention" then the first thing you need to do is click on the status button. It will open a small popup which will tell you exactly what's wrong.

Red IP address
If you see red IP addresses then this means your website is not resolving to a correct IP address. Your domain must resolve to the correct IP address. This includes www.yourdomain.com. Make sure your domain's A record is pointing to the correct IP and your domain's www CNAME record points to your root domain.

Offline HTTP, DNS or SMTP
These indicators show the status of HTTP, DNS and SMTP service associated with your IP address. If HTTP or DNS show "Offline" - this means there is something wrong with the IP node where your IP address is. If one of HTTP or DNS show offline then it's possible your website is down as well.

If you see SMTP offline then this means the SMTP (email) service is offline and your domain cannot receive emails. But don't worry, all emails will be retried and once the service is back online, you will receive your emails.

Our website checker runs hourly which means you may see the Attention status even when everything is fine. So don't forget to visit your website to double check.