This article is about Wordpress Migration tool that you can download from our dashboard. Click here to view migrations page.

How it works?

Once you have uploaded and activated the migration plugin, you are ready to transfer your website. Whole process is very simple. All you have to do is go to the plugin admin page, log in and click on "Start" button to start the transfer process. You don't have to manually set anything up or edit anything. Our migration system will process your request automatically. You don't have to keep the plugin admin page open. There is no limit how many websites you can transfer at once.


If your transfer is in "Failed!" state then this means something went wrong with the transfer. There are many reasons why it can fail. Below you can find few common reasons:

Timeout during process.  The timeout can happen during archive creation or archive uploading process. Those two are longest running processes and the timeout can happen because your origin server's timeout has been set for too short time. Only way around it would be to contact your web host and ask them to increase the timeout limit.
Not enough space to create an archive. Your hosting account must have enough room for an archive which contains the database backup and all of your website's files (including uploads).
Missing PHP addons. The migration plugin has fairly low requirements, but it needs PharData class to be able to create an archive. It's installed and enabled by default, but if you set up your own VPS/dedicated server then it may be missing. Click here to read about installing Phar.

To see what went wrong, you can take a look at error_log file that you can find in your installation's root folder. It can also appear in wp-content/plugins/PriorityProspectMigration folder.


All of your files are sent over HTTPS request so you don't need to worry about someone downloading your files during the archive upload process. Your database credentials are not uploaded, but new ones are generated by us in our servers.

Questions & issues

If you have any questions, find a bug or have an issue, feel free to contact our support team.