To add a subdomain, click on the small arrow next to "Add Domain" button and there you can click on "Add a Subdomain".

A small popup will appear which contains the form of adding a new subdomain.

First, select your domain from the dropdown.

Then enter your subdomain to the textbox below the domain picker. You can see how your subdomain looks in the small preview area below the textbox.

Once you have typed your subdomain, click on "Add Subdomain".

If you are using private nameservers, our system will automatically add an A record to your DNS zone.

If you are using an external DNS provider or a registrar DNS, then you will need to create an A record at that service. If you don't know how to do it, please contact your service provider's support for more information.

New subdomains are routed within 5 minutes after they have been created.
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