Creating Subdomains
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Because of the design of our network, you cannot create your subdomains via cPanel because that way they won't be routed through our network.

To add a subdomain to your domain, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the little arrow next to "Add Domain" button

By clicking on it, a small menu will appear. Click on "Add A Subdomain". Once you have done it, a small popup will appear. There you can create your subdomain.

1) Picking your domain - Use the dropdown list to choose your domain. You can search for your domain as well, if you have many domains.

2) Entering your subdomain - Once you have picked your domain, you have to enter your subdomain. Write your subdomain into the textbox below the domain dropdown. For example:

If you chose: as your domain, write "dashboard" (without quotes) into the textbox.

A preview is available under the textbox. You can only use characters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. Your subdomain cannot start with a number!

2. Click on "Add Subdomain"

By clicking on "Add Subdomain" you start the subdomain adding process. It will try to automatically add DNS entries as well. Keep in mind that if you host your DNS with someone else, don't forget to add an A/CNAME entry to your domain zone.

3. That's it

You have successfully added a subdomain. You can view your domain's subdomains by clicking on "Actions" -> "Subdomains". A small popup will appear which will show you all subdomains associated with the domain and their file paths.

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