Adding IPs To Your Network
Posted by Support Agent on 28 June 2016 01:05 PM

Now that you have your brand new network, it's time to add IPs to your network.

We strongly suggest visiting our Network Map page to see which IPs are available. Since we offer dedicated IPs, we have to deal with stock. Our service is agency oriented which means we might run out of IPs from time to time. If we do not have IPs from the location you want, please open a support ticket and we will do our best to add those IPs as soon as possible. You can access the Network Map by clicking on "IP Network" -> "Network Map" or click on this link:

1. Click on "Allocate Resources" link

First thing you need to do is click on "Allocate Resources" link. Once you have done it, a small popup will appear that gives you 2 choices.

1) IP addresses - Using this slider will set your IP count that you wish to order. By default, new clients can order up to 50 IPs at once (you can order as many times as you want, but by default it's limit is 50 IPs per order).

2) Websites per IP - This is the number of websites that you wish to host on your IP. By default, an IP comes with 1 website which means if you wish to order 30 IPs with only 1 site per IP, you don't need to move that slider. For example, if you wish to host 5 sites per IP, move the slider to number 5. By default, we have a limit 10 websites per IP.

2. Click on "Check Availability"

By clicking on "Check Availability", system checks if there are required amount of IPs available, from different subnets, for your network.

3. Click on "Proceed"

When you click on "Proceed" button, your invoice will be generated and you will be sent to our payment processor so you can automatically pay your invoice. If you have set up a credit card profile, we will try to charge your card first and if it fails, you will be sent to our payment processor.

4. Wait...

We allocate all IPs automatically after the successful payment, but sometimes it can take time. IPs are allocated when we receive an answer from our payment processor. This means sometimes it might take few moments, but usually everything is allocated under a minute. If it has taken more than 10 minutes, please contact our support because there's a chance that your payment was flagged by our system and the allocation process was put on hold for clarification.

5. That's it!

Now that you have your IPs, you are ready to start adding your domains.

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