Can I Use Backup Plugins With My Wordpress?
Posted by Support Agent on 09 October 2017 03:38 PM

So you are wondering can you use backup plugins for Wordpress with our hosting service. The answer is yes!

But what we do not allow is storing all of your backups in our server. The reason is simple, backups should be kept in off server location from where you can restore your website in case something breaks down.

This means, keeping your backups under wp-content folder in your domain's directory is extremely bad idea. That's because when you accidentally delete your website, all your backups will be lost as well.

Another reason why we don't allow keeping backup archives in our server is because it goes against our acceptable use policy. Your backup archives are using quite a lot of space that other clients could use.

So please download your backup archives to your PC or other backup storage and delete them from our servers. If you don't do it, our automatic backup removal service will remove them by itself.

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